Who Are We?

The Harvard Review of Philosophy is a journal of professional philosophy published annually since 1991 and edited entirely by Harvard undergraduates. Its pages have included work by and interviews with leading figures in contemporary philosophy, including Derek Parfit, Karl Popper, Martha Nussbaum, W. V. Quine, Cornel West, and John Rawls. Since our 25th volume, each issue of the review has been centered around a philosophical theme and aims to present a range of original research on this theme in a manner accessible to a general audience.

This year, the theme of our issue is philosophy and race. We hope to showcase a variety of philosophical work on race, on topics ranging from the race concept to contemporary normative debates about race in politics, including questions about biological race; intersectionality; race, justice, and moral progress; accounts of racism; and so on. We are accepting articles from specialists by invitation; if you have any questions or would like to discuss possible topics, articles, or future issues with our editors, feel free to get in touch through our contact form.


Additional information about current board members and positions can be found here.